Darkest Sun

You Shall Not Pass!

The party descends to the Dragon’s Bowl floor from an old, unused mining crane. There they meet Enola, and explain that they want to hide the Orb with her. She is upset by this, but agrees so long as the party shoulders most of the danger for her.

She leads them across the bowl to a place of power. On the way the party goes to great length leaving the hostile inhabitants alive. Once there, they are given 5 portions of power from the Orb, and told that this power will draw attention to them while hiding the real Orb.

Sestus and Zerakas take 2 portions each while Gigaus takes 1. The double doses result in increased dark powers – Sestus’ Hand of Blight now deals more damage, and Zerakas’ Cloud of Darkness now blocks even exceptional forms of vision.

They return whence they came; destroying the crane once they reach the top. Without enough food or transport to help the small shanty town at the crane, Zerakas resolves to poison them all – the party leaves in the night.

Upon return to Tier they learn that a similar madness, witnessed in Silver Springs, enveloped the Golden Tower. Now, Tithian orders them not to enter the city, fearing that the presence of the Orb will cause another disaster. While they explain that the true Orb is not with them, the power they now hold indicates otherwise. Tithian chooses not to risk it.

Infuriated, both Sestus and Gigaus charge the gates. A few guards defer to their authority long enough to get inside the city walls – Templar present then execute those guards and open fire on Sestus and Gigaus. Sestus is brought down; unwilling to cause more casualties by fighting back, and to prove he is not hostile.

In the confusion, Gigaus is able to scale the walls using his spider legs, and make his way to the Golden Tower. Few Templar expect this, and many are unavailable due to injuries in the recent madness. He sustains only minion injuries before barging in on Tithian to pleas their case.

After Gigaus is brought to a small room housing the orb, he proves that they cause no reaction and pose no threat. The party is allowed access into the city, and given a selection of items for having successfully hidden the Orb.

Tithian, tired and injured from the recent battle with his Orb, does not give the party specific direction. Rather, he requests that they operate as they have – finding his enemies and killing them all. After this, they are left to their own devices in the city.



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